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The Arizona Court Interpreters Association

ACIA was founded in 1980 by a group of staff interpreters from Superior Court in Maricopa County. Members were soon recruited from Tucson and eventually interpreters from Nogales, Yuma, Flagstaff, Prescott, and other areas joined.

ACIA is the only statewide court interpreter association in Arizona. The majority of current members are practicing interpreters and translators who provide language services to our various court systems in 14 spoken languages and American Sign Language.

The Association is dedicated to offering training and education through workshops and seminars; serving as an interpreters' network for sharing ideas, experiences, knowledge and employment opportunities with colleagues; working to achieve state certification; and providing a standard of professional conduct and professional code of ethics.


Arizona Court Interpreters Association endeavors to maintain high standards for interpreters and translators who provide professional and culturally-sensitive language services in a variety of environments.

ACIA accomplishes this through a variety of means:
  • ongoing workshops and seminars on ethics and other timely issues given by professionals in their fields
  • by providing a forum for members to network and to share ideas, experiences, employment opportunities and friendship
  • by working toward the establishment of state certification and testing programs with the goal of achieving and maintaining high standards for Arizona's interpreters and translators.

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